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Miss Fair-Isle arrives (and now Walter Cotton)

In 2019 we launched a fundraising appeal to buy a hand carved granite postbox to be installed in the cemetery.

Miss Fair Isle is a unique owl post box designed to support children experiencing bereavement to express their feelings regarding bereavement and loss. The post box will allow them to post letters to people they have lost and express in their own words their feelings and emotions. They may just want to write their latest news and post photographs or a birthday card.

The 300kg hand carved granite post box has been sited on The Spinney close to the PITY 11 childrens memorial garden and has 'Owl' stepping stones leading to it.

And because of the overwhelming success of Miss Fair Isle, we brought Walter Cotton to the garden in June 2022. Walter is the postman from the 'Dear Mum' Story and the money for him was raised by generous donations from the public and donations from events etc held by the volunteers. And here he is! A new much loved character in The Spinney area of the cemetery.

Walter & Miss Fair Isle


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